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Breakfast at Krispy Kreme

This morning I took the boys to Krispy Kreme on Ponce de Leon for breakfast.  They have their Halloween selections available so the kids got some with sprinkles and some creme filled “Jacks”.  I went with the standard Hot’n Now glazed and glazed chocolate iced.  There really is nothing like fresh Krispy Kreme donuts.  Here are some pictures from our trip.  More pictures can be seen at http://www.carsonmatthewsphotography.com/Photography/OntheStreets 

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme Donuts

Krispy Kreme Sign


Family Gingerbread House Day

This weekend the kids wanted to build Gingerbread Houses, so we stocked up on Goldfish and lots of icing and candy.  Unfortunately Martha and I ate most of the candy, so we stocked up again the next day and got to work.  The building went into the night and even the next morning, but the results were fantastic.  Henry’s house has a detached garage, swimming pool with spa, and even a Seattle Space Needle replica.  Here are some pictures:

See the rest of the photos from the Gingerbread House build here: http://carsonmatthews.smugmug.com/Holidays/Christmas/27224612_C5mSvj 

Lake Burton Dinner Table

This past weekend we went with some friends to their house in Lake Burton.  On Saturday night we grilled an amazing tenderloin and for a bunch of guys put together quite a spread.  Here is a shot of the table just before we sat down.